My art is as much an expression of my inner  life and struggle to maintain equilibrium in a complicated world as it is about my deep observations and love of nature and the  human spirit.

For me, the passion I feel while creating comes from my core and has always been the driving force in my life. As such, I compose each painting with the hope that you, the viewer, may find rest or pause for renewal and reflection in my creations. May the colors and interplay of light and shadow be restoring, energizing and bring you peace. May the forms, symbolism and draftsmanship intrigue your curiosity about what truly inspires my creativity.

Acknowledging our common need for greater awareness, to observe more, to feel more, I intend that my work contribute to our collective awakening and counter the atmosphere of superficiality that prevails in a culture that accepts what is easy, celebrates the banal, forgets the past and is more connected to technology than “Self.”

As a contemporary realist, my style, which is decidedly modern (reflecting my subject matter), my processes is deeply rooted in classical artistic training in the tradition of the Old Masters.  And while I enjoy covering a wide variety of subjects, what remains consistent throughout my work is a deep love and respect for beauty and nature. For me, painting is intuitive and highly symbolic, and the direction it takes each time I approach the canvas is often surprising, even to me. ​​​​