Victoria Herrera is a classically trained artist known for her very large scale flower portraits and

                  figurative oil paintings.  Her style is contemporary yet rooted in the techniques of the Old Masters. 

  Working on a new schedule for 2024

Dear artist,

While I am in the process of creating a new curriculum for next year, I would like to share with you some of the things I will be covering in my floral and portrait studies online.

You will learn how to see and simplify hue (color), values and chroma to create form, how to pre-mix colors and tube them (if necessary) to stay consistent throughout the painting process while keeping your palette organized; understanding edges and the roll that they play to create strong and visually arresting paintings; brushes, paint application and mark making will be explored; Investigating different approaches to make more meaningful paintings by learning how to poetically juxtapose light and shadows.  While most of the instruction will be made through the use of photo-references, I will be demonstrating often from life putting a strong emphasis on drawing accuracy and transfer techniques. I will be offering pre-recorded videos with online discussions and critics, private mentorship and group training.

My approach as a teacher is very holistic. I believe that while a student learns a particular skill set, our minds and egos will try to sabotage the work. Fear, lack of confidence or self judgements are typically obstacles artists, of all levels of expertise, confront at different points while creating. I believe a student needs to learn how to work on mental attitude, will power and confidence development as much as on the craft. Why? Because it has taken me many years to learn these tools as well.

Through spiritual themes and homework, our connection to the divine and nature, I would like to help you find your 'own' voice so your work stands out from other paintings that reflect the same subject matter.

If you are interested in receiving further information, please add your name to this list.